Dental procedures have become simpler and quicker over time because of modern technology, which benefits both patients and practitioners. Innovative treatment technology makes it easier to deliver excellent services and therefore, the best care possible. Such equipment helps to identify the precise issues within the mouth and choose the best course of action for restoring and resolving oral health issues. One of the newest technologies utilized in dental procedures is the Itero scanner. Read this article, to learn more about it, including its advantages.

iTero Scanner

This procedure is most effective when used with Invisalign and aids the dentist in planning your orthodontic treatment. This treatment helps to align your teeth without causing any discomfort and pain while wearing. They are custom-made and invisible which gives a more pleasing appearance compared to traditional braces.

It is a digital intraoral scanner that generates rapid, colorized images to enhance patient acceptance, improve productivity, and accelerate the treatment process. With the iTero scanner, your dentist near you can easily send your digital impressions to Invisalign technology where your aligners will be made.

The Process

Your dentist will take a complete 3D scan of your mouth and show you the scan on the computer screen. This will enable you to observe how your smile genuinely appears from varied angles.

Your dentist will use this technology to create a 3D simulation of how your smile could appear after teeth alignment treatment.

After the procedure is completed, the scans are forwarded to a laboratory where your customized aligners are made.


Dental technology near you can be beneficial for you in different ways. Both patients and dentists can benefit from a customized treatment plan that can be prepared with the assistance of an iTero scanner.
The benefits of Itero scanner include:

  • Eliminates complicated processes associated with creating traditional dental impressions.
  • The treatment plan can be adjusted if needed.
  • Impressions are easy to store and share with other professionals.
  • Assists you in visualizing your smile both during and after the treatment.
  • Makes treatment quick and convenient.
  • Easy to track the progress of the treatment.
  • Designed to be gentle enough to avoid triggering gags.

Other uses of the iTero scanner

Here are some other treatments where this advanced technology can be used:

  • Creating dentures
  • Dental crowns
  • Preparing for surgery
  • Store dental records

Who is Eligible for an iTero Scanner?

The iTero scanner is suitable for people of all ages. Our dentist in Roblin ensures that our clinic’s scanners are radiation-free, safe, and generate precise images for enhanced results. Dentists believe that teens, athletes, and anyone who speaks in public finds the iTero scanner more appealing. Teenagers with sensitive gag reflexes can also use this scanner comfortably.

These scanners are The new reality of advanced technologies, which can expedite orthodontic treatment. The iTero scanner is precise, comfortable, and suitable for a variety of dental procedures. Our latest dental technology in Roblin is specially designed to provide the most comfort possible while scanning.

If you are interested in getting quality services with the latest technology to enhance your dental care treatment contact us and schedule your appointment today!