Although we may not think about it on a regular basis, being able to access emergency dental care is important. Life can be crazy and having a safety net for your oral health is not a huge reassurance, but extremely useful.

Our local dentist in Roblin provides emergency dental services to every patient who needs them. Don’t hesitate to come and see us; our skilled staff is here to help you get your smile looking beautiful once again.

Emergency Dentistry: 101

What is emergency dentistry? Good question! Such refers to a distinct branch of oral medicine that focuses on providing immediate dental relief to patients. If left unattended, these problems have the potential to grow in severity and seriously damage your teeth, gums, and bones.

With that said, a lot of us have trouble identifying when it’s necessary to pay a visit to an emergency dentist in Roblin, and when the issue can heal on its own given some time and rest. To help you with this, described below are the most common examples of when you should visit a dentist near you as soon as possible:

  1. Severe or continual bleeding.
  2. Toothaches.
  3. Broken teeth (this typically encompasses chipped or cracked teeth).
  4. The presence of an abscess or cyst.
  5. Your dental prosthetic (like a crown, bridge, or filling) has become loose or has fallen out.
  6. You’ve broken your orthodontics.
  7. A blackened tooth.
  8. Your tooth’s been knocked out.

If you are unsure as to whether you should obtain urgent care regarding any of the situations, it’s best to play it safe and see an emergency dentist in Roblin. They will be able to address any queries or concerns that you might have about the process.

What Happens During an Emergency Dental Visit?

Emergency dental visits are technically considered walk-in appointments because no one can anticipate when such an event is likely to happen – and that is certainly okay! Our dental staff highly encourages you to come in whenever you’re able.

When you go, you’ll be greeted by a staff member who will tend to your teeth and gums. At this time, it’s crucial that you tell your dentist all you can about the incident. They will examine your mouth and take multiple x-rays to create an accurate image of the state of your oral health. Your dentist will also ask you about your dental history. By the end of the appointment, they will be able to suggest to you the best course of treatment for your case.

Common emergency treatments include installing a dental filling, dental crown, root canal therapy, and tooth extraction.

Once you and your dentist have settled on a procedure, they can get to work repairing your smile. You may have to return for a checkup in a few weeks times so your dentist can assess how well your mouth is healing.

Finally, they’ll most likely prescribe pain medication to you to help you stay comfortable at home, usually Advil or Tylenol.

Come Into Our Dental Practice to Receive the Care You Need Today!

Do you need convenient, reliable dental care? At Roblin Dental Centre, our emergency dentist near you is here to help you repair the functionality and appearance of your smile. It doesn’t matter how severe the damage is – we’ll get things back to where they should be in no time.

To learn more about this, contact us today via phone, email, or drop by our location in person to schedule a consultation. Our team is eager to meet you and assist you on your dental journey!