Emergency Dentistry in Roblin

Health and dental emergencies happen when we least expect them. When it comes to dental emergencies, knowing what to do in the case of a broken or cracked tooth as well as infection, can prevent further complications from arising.

We list a few reasons why people may need emergency dentistry in Roblin below:

Knocked-out Teeth:

Even your natural teeth, which are safely secure by the roots, may get knocked out. If this happens to you, the first step is to keep the tooth in a moist environment. Did you know that a knocked out tooth can die within 15 minutes of being dislodged from your mouth if it is not stored in a moist environment? If you or a family member are experiencing this type of dental emergency, it is crucial to contact a Roblin dentist near you to help.

Cracked Teeth:

Our teeth are one of the hardest structures on our bodies, but they can be susceptible to cracking or breaking in instances such as facial injury or eating hard foods. If you have a cracked tooth, you might experience discomfort and pain when eating or talking. Use warm water to clean your mouth if you have a cracked tooth, and apply some ice to your face to alleviate the swelling. Schedule an appointment with a dentist near you to prevent infection or further damage to the affected tooth.

Soft Tissue Injuries:

Daily bites to your tongue, cheeks or lips are common. If you experience a minor bite injury, rinse the affected area well, and use ice to prevent inflammation. However, if you suspect a major injury to your lip that requires stitches, call for an emergency dentistry in Roblin to provide adequate treatment and care.

Extreme Tooth Pain:

tooth pain can affect you for short and long periods. If you encounter severe tooth pain, book a consultation with a dentist near you to examine your oral health and identify any issues. Before seeing your dentist, wash your mouth with warm water and use dental floss to remove any food that may be stuck in your teeth. Remember not to self-medicate in these situations, as our dentist in Roblin will guide you through the best care for a toothache.

Strange Objects Adhere to Your Teeth:

Sometimes, getting out foods or objects in between your teeth can become complicated. You can try to remove any foods or objects that have found their way between your teeth with adequate dental floss. Do not use pointy objects, such as toothpicks, to remove food from your teeth as this can cause infection to occur. If you cannot get the objects out of your teeth, book an appointment with a dentist in Roblin to assist you with this process.

Take these measures to avoid dental emergencies:
1. While playing contact sports, be sure to use a mouthguard.
2. Do not munch on hard foods or objects like ice, popcorn and candies.
3. Use appropriate objects to open packages and bottles (not your teeth).

Here at Roblin Dental Centre, we want our patients to feel secure whenever a dental emergency occurs. We will take the necessary precautions to assess the situation and provide the best dental treatment to alleviate discomforts and preserve your smile. Call (204) 937-8033 for any dental emergencies.